Meet the first interconnected food system.

We are building the B2B marketplace for a more sustainable fresh-food supply chain.

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The Vision

Today's B2B food supply chain is offline, fragmented, and relies on word-of-mouth for discovery; it has opaque pricing, out-of-stocks, and manual ordering + payments + invoicing.

GreenChain brings this entire commerce layer online with a marketplace whose network, automation, digitization, and intelligence make this antiquated industry significantly more efficient.

Beginning with small-medium foodservice, buyers on GreenChain can discover and order from any fresh-food wholesaler or brand. For the sellers, we provide new customers, immediate payments, automated account management, and take a tiny transaction fee that would otherwise go to a sales commission.

Long term, we will extend our marketplace to all players in the chain.

Meet the team!

Our mission is to build a more sustainable food supply chain.

  • Danny Nemer
    Danny Nemer
    • Founding Engineer at Afresh, where he was a key architect of ML + Data + Infra + Product now reducing food waste at 300+ grocery stores

    • Engineer #6 at Even 

  • Lisa Shmulyan
    Lisa Shmulyan
    • Growth Strategy at WeWork where she worked with senior leadership during its hyper-growth and attempt to IPO

    • Agricultural supply chain consulting in East Africa

    • London School of Economics and University of Pennsylvania

What we value

  • Perfect opportunities do not exist, and imperfect opportunities do not repeat.

  • Move fast and make decisions with 80% confidence; quickly recognize mistakes and correct course as necessary.

  • Make short-term sacrifices as investments for long-term gains.

  • All the real benefits in life come from compound interest.
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